"Wingate Motors in Johannesburg is one of South Africa's largest independent suppliers and re-manufacturers of brake and steering parts, assemblies and accessories for the automotive parts market and the Original Equipment Market. We have over four decades of experience and know-how in the field. Some of our brands:"

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About Wingate Motors

Isidore Sostak established Wingate Motors on the 1st of April 1960. He served his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic from the age of 16, having participated in, and passed, the first trade test set up by the Motor Industry Apprenticeship Committee. His son Saul, also trained in the automotive industry as well as in electronics, joined the company in 1988. Wingate Motors has since become one of South Africa's largest independent suppliers and re-manufacturer of brake and steering parts, assemblies and accessories to the automotive parts market as well as the OEM market, and has become a significant force in the brake and power steering servicing sectors in South Africa.

Wingate Motors has its own registered brand name, ABS. All parts are manufactured to standards that comply with all international market and OEM requirements.

Wingate Motors has a long track record of "firsts". We were the first to introduce the Nu-Tech polymer rebushing system to the marketplace; to start a resleeving program using stainless steel tubing for all types of hydraulic brake cylinders, and to publish the most comprehensive hydraulic brake catalogue, which was the first one African market in ten years.

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Brake Pads

Braking facts: Used for stop, start, heavy loads, heavy traffic. The hotter it gets, the better Metal King Plus performs. Boats, trailers and horse boxes really put the pressure on braking; Metal King Plus can take it. Winding roads, steep inclines and heavy city traffic are suited to Metal King Plus. Towing and frequent stopping can generate excessive heat and fade with some disc brake pads, but not with Metal King Plus. Features up to seven times longer life, good pedal feel, quiet operation, less dust, long lasting and heavy duty operation.

Recommended driver use and driving styles: frequent braking, police traffic, security control vehicles. taxis, city and suburban heavy traffic, sales representatives, towing, delivery and courier vehicles, etc.

Benefits: confident braking when hot or cold. No embarrassing squeal. Keeps wheel trims and rims clean. Rotors and pads don't need frequent maintenance. Reliable braking under extreme conditions of load and temperature. A special backing layer unique to Bendix takes the heat out of Metal King Plus braking. It protects the braking system, particularly rubber parts and seals. By dramatically reducing heat transfer through the pad, it keeps the calipers cooler, to make braking safer when the heat and pressure are really on.

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Power Steering Gear
Our power steering division can re-manufacture all makes of steering boxes for every vehicle and from every country in the world. All parts and kits fitted in our rebuilding division are OEM manufactured. Heavy-duty trucks are also catered for. The worm gear shafts are reground and hardchromed and are resleeved when required. All units are given a pre-delivery test on the latest imported testers with simulated road stress features. We also carry a range of new steering boxes. Fit a Magnefine filter for extended warranty.

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The Nu-Tech Polymer Bushing System allows you to restore marginally loose front end parts back to new or closer than new tolerances. The parts are restored to new or better than new by injecting a specially formulated molten polymer into the joints while still attached to the vehicle. The bushing is installed in a molten state through the grease opening by using a unique pressure multiplying tool. The result is a perfectly fitted, free floating, greasable bushing that is warranted for 6 years or 100,000 kilometers.

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Magnefine Filtration
Magnetic transmission and power steering fluid filter

All transmission and power steering system oil becomes contaminated during normal use, and needs proper filtration. Automatic transmissions and power steering systems continually generate millions of harmful, microscopic metal particles, through normal wear and tear. Even the best flushers cannot remove all these metal particles. Consequently, even when new oil is introduced, it will pick up these harmful, left-over particles, immediately re-creating the wear and tear induced by the old oil. Electronically controlled transmissions and power steering systems will suffer extensive (and expensive!) damage to valve bodies and solenoids because of these metal particles in the oil.

With an automatic transmission or powersteering overhaul running into the thousands of Rands, prevention is the only sensible solution. Enter the revolutionary new Magnefine filtration system. The Magnefine magnetic in-line filter helps to prevent expensive automatic transmission and power steering system damage.

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Brake Bleaders
DIY: Eezibleed brake bleeding system
The Eezibleed brake bleeding system provides perfect brake bleeding for DIY applications in just a few moments, in three simple steps.

Connect to the master cylinder reservoir in place of the usual cap. A good seal ensures reservoir level remains constant throughout.
Pressurise from a car tyre (e.g. spare tyre). This cuts out the pedal pumping and makes sure the fluid goes only one way through the system.
Open each bleed valve in sequence, like turning on a tap. No air retained or sucked back.

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A Training Manual Provided by Wingate Motors

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  • Describe the principles used for brake hydraulic system operation
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  • Describe the principles used for brake friction system operation
  • Explain the differences between drum and disc brakes
  • Describe the principles and components of the vacuum power brake system
  • Describe the principles and components of the hydraulic power brake system
  • Describe the principles and components of anti-lock brake systems
  • List the safety hazards and precautions involved in brake system repairs

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