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Brake Cylinder Resleeving

Our resleeving of all hydraulic brake and clutch cylinders is done with top grade imported stainless steel tubing. They carry a lifetime warranty on the sleeves. We also specialise in heavy-duty truck handbrake wheel cylinders, up to sizes of 50mm.

Rust is the main problem with cylinders as all brake fluid is hygroscopic (i.e. it retains moisture) and with stainless steel tubing this problem is solved forever. For that "hard to get" cylinder, to resleeve is the answer.

All cylinders are kept to standard sizes, including all Step-Bore cylinders. The technique of resleeving worn or damaged hydraulic components by inserting a stainless steel sleeve in the component bore has been employed by Wingate for many years. There are a number of instances where new replacement wheels, slaves and master cylinders are either no longer obtainable new; or the new components are too expensive or lead times are to long. Resleeving then becomes the only option.

Whether the old cylinders are of cast iron or aluminium manufacture, Wingate can repair it back to original size specifications with the stainless steel sleeve. Tight tolerances are employed in every aspect of the process with re-drilling of portholes and slots. With stainless steel you will benefit by the long life expectancy and we give you a lifetime guarantee on the sleeve.

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