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Metal King Plus Brake Pads (Bendix Australia)

Braking facts: Used for stop, start, heavy loads, heavy traffic. The hotter it gets, the better Metal King Plus performs. Boats, trailers and horse boxes really put the pressure on braking; Metal King Plus can take it. Winding roads, steep inclines and heavy city traffic are suited to Metal King Plus. Towing and frequent stopping can generate excessive heat and fade with some disc brake pads, but not with Metal King Plus. Features up to seven times longer life, good pedal feel, quiet operation, less dust, long lasting and heavy duty operation.

Recommended driver use and driving styles: frequent braking, police traffic, security control vehicles. taxis, city and suburban heavy traffic, sales representatives, towing, delivery and courier vehicles, etc.

Benefits: confident braking when hot or cold. No embarrassing squeal. Keeps wheel trims and rims clean. Rotors and pads don't need frequent maintenance. Reliable braking under extreme conditions of load and temperature. A special backing layer unique to Bendix takes the heat out of Metal King Plus braking. It protects the braking system, particularly rubber parts and seals. By dramatically reducing heat transfer through the pad, it keeps the calipers cooler, to make braking safer when the heat and pressure are really on.

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