"Wingate Motors in Johannesburg is one of South Africa's largest independent suppliers and re-manufacturers of brake and steering parts, assemblies and accessories for the automotive parts market and the Original Equipment Market. We have over four decades of experience and know-how in the field. Some of our brands:"

Brake Reconditioning and Remanufacturing

The reconditioning unit of our business deals with the reconditioning of all brakes, boosters, servos and all hydraulic brake and clutch cylinders. We also carry out the total rebuilding of faulty power brake units, vacuum assisted braking systems, etc.

This service begins with the total stripping down of the unit. All internal components are then replaced with new parts, and the unit is re-assembled and tested for input and output pressures prior to delivery.

The reconditioned unit carries a 12-months warranty (conditions apply).

Wingate Motors works closely with NBS Brake Supplies. NBS have had extensive dealings with the car restoration market, supplying specialists across Australia for a wide variety of makes and models. From Aston Martin to Zephyr, we have the technical know how and contacts to professionally rebuild your brake parts. We specialise in rebuilding brake parts to concourse condition.

Cylinder and Valve Remanufacturing

Master and wheel cylinders are rebuilt to "as new" standards. Worn bores are resleeved in house using 304 or 314 grade stainless steel, and rekitted using quality brake rubber components from our Partswise® range. We have a range of pistons manufactured to ensure the remanufactured unit is as good as or better than new. We can offer a range of finishes for your master cylinder. Alloy cylinders are wet bead blasted and clear coated for protection. Cast iron and steel units can be electroplated or painted in cast iron look brake fluid resistant coatings. Cylinders can be polished as required. Brake proportioning valves and differential switches are an integral part of the brake system and are often overlooked in a brake rebuild. NBS can remanufacture these units, resleeving the bores where required and testing for optimum performance.

Caliper Remanufacturing

Caliper remanufacturing is an essential part of a brake restoration. Seized calipers or caliper drag can lead to uneven braking and pad wear. NBS rebuild calipers to original standards, including the resleeving of handbrake shaft bores where applicable, rekitting with the quality Partswise® range of rubber, and have extensive contact for hardware parts. Rebuilding of Dunlop calipers such as found on early Jaguars are a specialty. Caliper pistons can be manufactured, resleeved in stainless steel or hardchromed as required.

Booster Remanufacturing

NBS specialise in the remanufacture of remote hydraulic boosters and mastervacs with a focus on quality and returning these to as new condition. We use all new parts and where these parts are unavailable we have them reproduced to ensure a rebuild of the highest standard. Boosters are tested to ensure they meet our strict quality control criteria. This enables us to offer an industry leading warranty. Electroplating, powdercoating and 2 pack finishes are used.

Girling Powerstops

Girling Powerstop/hydrostop boosters such as fitted to early Holden models, Fordmodels and many English vehicles are a specialty. NBS have had components manufactured for these units to overcome inherent design faults and improve the performance and longevity of the booster.

Lockheed Hydrovacs

NBS can remanufacture the complete range of Lockheed hydrovacs. Lockheed 6 7/8" units as fitted to Jaguars and Lockheed 5 1/2" units as fitted to Mini's can be rebuilt. Type 6, 7, and 8 units are all catered for. Many of the so called obsolete parts are reproduced to enable these boosters to be rebuilt.


Mastervacs are remanufactured to as new standards with all new components to ensure your booster will perform as intended for years to come. Australian, American, English and German mastervacs are rebuilt in house.