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The Nu-Tech Polymer Bushing System allows you to restore marginally loose front end parts back to new or closer than new tolerances. The parts are restored to new or better than new by injecting a specially formulated molten polymer into the joints while still attached to the vehicle. The bushing is installed in a molten state through the grease opening by using a unique pressure multiplying tool. The result is a perfectly fitted, free floating, greasable bushing that is warranted for 6 years or 100,000 kilometers.

The following parts can be restored by the Nutech system:

  • Tie Rod Ends
  • Ball Joints
  • Idler Arms
  • King Pins
  • Cab Hinge Pins
  • Equalizer Bushings
  • S-Cam Bushings
  • Bucket Pins
  • Boom Pins
  • Swing Arm Bushings
  • Dump Gates & Doors
  • Drag Links
  • Centre Links
  • Hood Tilt Pins
  • Trunion Bushings
  • Steer Arms
  • Most friction bushings
  • Drop Arm Ball Joints

Increase alignment sales! No more lost alignment sales due to marginally loose parts. By selling the product as preventive maintenance, it opens up a whole new market. Restored parts lock out rolling toe change, allowing you to performance align the vehicle resulting in improved handling and reduced tyre wear.

It's simple and quick. The Nu-Tech Polymer Bushing System is simple to use. All it takes is the special tools and materials, some basic instruction and a few minutes. The average part can be restored in 5 to 10 minutes and produces a gross profit of about 85%.

Inject new life into parts! The system can be used to restore and maintain tie rod ends, ball joints, idler arms, drag links, king pins, centre links, control arm bushings and any friction bushing that is not bearing or mounted in rubber. Cars, trucks, fork lifts and even farm and construction equipment, represent opportunities to increase your sales and profits.

Its win - win with Nu-Tech. Your customer wins, and so do you! You can now give your customer a choice: restore or replace. This immediately increases your chances of closing a sale. On a typical job, your customer will save about 50% over parts replacement, but your profit will be the same. Your profit margin will be significantly higher, no parts cost and less labor cost. You don't have to stock parts or wait for them to be delivered (and neither does your customer).

Seeing is believing. Don't take our word for it. We sell to hundreds of independent tire dealers, utility companies, RV centers, cities, countries and alignment and suspension shops. Call us and we will give you references for a contractor and send you a demonstration video. Once you see the Nu-Tech Polymer Bushing System in action you will realize what an unbelievable opportunity awaits you.

Nutech: How It's Done

1. Inspect and position the joint, then grease with high temperature grease 2. Remove the grease fitting and install the proper adapter. 3. Attach the tool and heat barrel.
4. When the temperature stick melts, the polymer is molten. 5. Inject the molten polymer with air pressure. 6. Drill a grease passage way through the newly created bushing and install grease fitting.

Training Video's

Below are a few exerpts from the extensive Nutech video training. These are merely intended to give you an impression of the capabilities of Nutech and how easy it is to restore marginal parts to new or better condition.