"Wingate Motors in Johannesburg is one of South Africa's largest independent suppliers and re-manufacturers of brake and steering parts, assemblies and accessories for the automotive parts market and the Original Equipment Market. We have over four decades of experience and know-how in the field. Some of our brands:"

Gunson Tools

A member of The Tool Connection   

The Gunson range of professional workshop tools incorporates many different types of diagnostic, testing and tuning equipment, from battery testers and multimeters to timing testers and tools. The range also incorporates many specialized repair and maintenance tools for brakes, wheels, bodywork and more. Gunson Tools are a must for the professional workshop and the serious DIY'er alike.

Some types of tools found in the Gunson range are:

  • Battery chargers
  • Battery testers
  • Electronic circuit testers and multimeters
  • Diagnostic testers
  • Service code readers and reset systems
  • Performance testing and tuning tools
  • Wheel balancing and tracking tools
  • Bodywork and trim repair tools
  • Brake bleeding tools

...and much, much more!

Wingate Motors represents Gunson Tools in South Africa.