Iruna Universal 12V Electric Vacuum Pumps

All power assisted brakes are dependant on a vacuum which, in petrol powered vehicles, is usually derived from the engine. Should the engine stall and cut out, you will only have the use of any vacuum left in the power brake booster. On a diesel engine, (as is used on most 4x4 vehicles) an alternator driven pump is usually used, and the same situation will apply. This is shown in more detail on our technical training pages.

More and more brake applications are used on off-road and mountainous driving, where the loss of vacuum is faster than normal. By fitting the Iruna vacuum pump and reserve tank assembly you will always be sure of having a vacuum available when needed.

For peace of mind this is a MUST if towing a trailer or caravan.

The Iruna 12V universal vacuum pump fits every make of vehicle with petrol or diesel engines. It can be used as a replacement for all-gear or alternator driven pumps, or as a twin. It adapts to all vehicles on a stand-alone basis and can be mounted on any solid part of the vehicle. The automatic self-operating on/off switch relay (triggered when vacuum is low) reduces the risk of loss of vacuum to the booster. You will never "run out of vacuum" even on idle or offroad trail driving on the "Koppies" or mountains.

Together with the T659 specially designed vacuum reserve tank you will even have vacuum assist should your engine stall. As long as you have the 12V connection, you will have peace of mind.

The complete Iruna kit consists of:

  • Electrical vacuum compressor pump # 5202000
  • Relay with cutout switch
  • Electronic vacuum distributor with cutout controller
  • Mounting accessories (screws, nuts, washers, wiring and fittings)

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