Magnefine Filtration

Magnetic transmission and power steering fluid filter

All transmission and power steering system oil becomes contaminated during normal use, and needs proper filtration. Automatic transmissions and power steering systems continually generate millions of harmful, microscopic metal particles, through normal wear and tear. Even the best flushers cannot remove all these metal particles. Consequently, even when new oil is introduced, it will pick up these harmful, left-over particles, immediately re-creating the wear and tear induced by the old oil. Electronically controlled transmissions and power steering systems will suffer extensive (and expensive!) damage to valve bodies and solenoids because of these metal particles in the oil.

With an automatic transmission or powersteering overhaul running into the thousands of Rands, prevention is the only sensible solution. Enter the revolutionary new Magnefine filtration system. The Magnefine magnetic in-line filter helps to prevent expensive automatic transmission and power steering system damage.

Why Filter?

The oil filters in automatic transmission and power steering systems are designed to remove harmful contaminants from the hydraulic fluid. This allows the fluid to perform its designed function of transmiting force, lubrication and cooling, without damaging the system.

Contaminants come from several sources: debris from wear and tear; leftover debris from manufacturing; dirt from maintenance, dirt introduced while refilling the system with fresh oil; airborne particles, etc. Some of these abrasive particles are down to 3 microns in size, or 1/15th the width of a human hair!

Modern transmissions perform as an integrated part of the vehicle power train system. Transmissions now feature sophisticated electronic components that allow the vehicle's management system to control gearshifts, lock-up converters and applications that will affect all aspects of the vehicle configuration and duty cycles. Electronic components and complexity comes at additional cost and is contaminant intolerant. When the system fails warranty costs are high.


Dual Filtration

With particles as small as three micron, regular filters (usually paper type filters) do not capture all the small, harmful particles. The Magnefine filtration system, on the other hand, uses dual filtration.

First the oil passes a powerful magnet, which traps damaging metal particles regardless of their size, no matter how small they may be. Then a secondary filter element traps damaging non-ferrous particles. The oil that comes out of the filter is totally clean. A safety pressure relief valve in the center of the filter prevents overpressure and an interruption of the oil stream should the filter become clogged. In that case the magnet in the filter will still remove all ferrous particles from the oil. Note that most contaminants are in fact ferrous, and that these particles are the ones most damaging to the system.

Other Magnefine features include a zero-leak, high-impact, stone and salt resistant polymer casing that has been tested to 175°C, a Secure-Fit SAE standard hose barb for easy installtion into rubber hoses or SmartConnectors, and a perforated steel core that eliminates media collapses under high pressure. Magnefine hydraulic fluid filters are sized to fit all makes and models of vehicles.

The Magnefine system is covered by worldwide patents. It is used by OEMs in Europe USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia, and has been tested in hot and cold conditions. Professional transmission repairers worldwide install over one million filters on rebuilt transmissions and power steering units. Fleet operators appreciate Magnefine labour savings at service and how it extends transmission life. Any vehicle which puts extra load on a transmission should use Magnefine. This includes towing, 4x4 applications, heavy loads, stop start driving; taxis, fleets or where extended life of the transmission is desired. Magnefine producs comply with ISO 9002 Standards.

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